Pg 1 We Want to Help You


Ready to see more causes for a child to rebel , feel more passion and less fear, understand more insights, and learn tips of the trade? We can help you see your personality and your child’s and how they clash or compliment. We can help you see  family dynamics and outside forces that can help you choose and change what will enable you and your child to succeed on your own.

UnhappyFamily Is parenting a science, innate art, learned, or a product of the times and situations? Perhaps all. The best approach to parenting depends on the child’s personality, your personality, family games or dynamics, and the environment, including the neighborhood. We tend to blame our errant children for their problems but they are a thermometer of all the above. We can help you work with all four.

BIRDSA good parent teaches their children to fly and soar. A neglectful parent lets them fall. A bad parent clips their wings. Parenting can be a gift or a curse.

Screen Shot 2013-12-22 at 10.31.30 PM copy copyA baby bird born with wing problems can become a chicken or a pilot. The good parent help them clear the runway. A neglectful parent does nothing. A bad parent does not open the hanger and the gosling must fight or give up. Let us help you open the hanger and teach your child fly to you.

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