5) Battle of the Wills Adolescents

God help us, this is the age where step two, emotions, now begin to develop. Remember, stage three of reason has not yet blossomed nor has productive behaviors. This is the age of Drama King and Drama Queen that know it all but have not a clue. Modern times are to blame for the great disconnect of body and reality. Our reality is much different then when the brain was developed to handle the ancient, really ancient, human conditions. Kids this age probably, like their counter animals types, get married and have babies to shape them up in a world of live and learn or die. They had a community or village to help them. Boys were taught to hunt and girls to search for berries and roots to cook. What a happy little village it was.

Now boys hunt on the internet and girls practice drama with their mothers over the boyfriend who dresses like the dead. Nature is attracting them to the underbelly of the earth as if they were out hunting and learning to live through death valley. War was expected of them if needed. Now they war on the x box or other device. All the teenagers are out there hanging ¬†around trying to create their own little tribe when the needed task is to be in school. They see little to nothing of value as they innately can not see why they would need that info in a dog eat dog world of brute survival. They recreate that primitive world. It is ‘Lord of the Flies’ made flesh and shoved down the throats of their parents.

The main drive of teenagers often feels like they are out to trip over their parents until their parents get on their knees and ask forgiveness for not teaching them how to survive in a modern world of complexity. And, well, their is some truth to that. Not all teenagers will act out so vividly, but they all seem to be fascinated by other teens who do and never are caught trying to get their peers to be more reasonable. The war of the generations is definitely felt by most all parents. Even if its a sit down passive war of I will not move from the couch nor get off the computer. It is all predictable from the eyes of thousands if not a million years ago or again from the primordial goo looking for food and devouring everything in its path that it can possibly digest.



So, what can we do? Precious little but monitor they coming and goings. Don’t turn them loose. Their are too many predators out there waiting to use and abuse the. One thing I have noticed from some of the Asian cultures is that their children are not given much freedom to roam for an early age on, they are engaged in the family events and daily living. These teenagers are a bit naive but they seem to weather the teen years much easier and come out much better in the end. When teens are free to hang and get into trouble with their peers they share their ignorance and do not grow and develop at the faster pace of their more controlled peers. They turn to drugs to try and fill their need for love and productive pleasures and stunt the brain. They try to start their own colonies and end up with gangs or crime. The world outside of family and education is mostly a world of crime and exploitation of young people who have no realistic guidance.¬†The world has always prayed upon the weak or isolated to make slaves of. And the world of human trafficking does just that. Your unmonitored teen is at risk of being used and abused in the street culture of gangs, sex, drugs, alcohol, and crime. If they have been abused and/or neglected such that their Lower Nature is dominant over their Upper Nature they are at very high risk because they will seek out kids and others who have the same emotional neediness. See blog on Human Trafficking. On that site I will be telling how it is done, what to look for, etc. Right now I just want to talk more about the average teen.