Psychotoons: Books, Webs, Forums, Blogs

We will be presenting books and other blogs as I have time to correct drafts and put them up. At the present I have a

Grandma's Wisdom

Grandma’s Wisdom

small book called Grandma’s Wisdom that has 16 short stories to help children with some daily living and fun concepts. They are enjoyable at all ages. My grandchildren loved them and adults found it hard to put them down. They are concepts from my own grandmother that I put to a story and illustrated in child pictures.

We also have Forums if you want to join or start a topic.

There are Web Sites to explore your personality, or learn more about personality.

There is a BLOG that explains my learning disabilities from age 6 on and how I learned to overcome its limits on me and the hero’s that helped me.

I will update this page, so be sure and check off and on.


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