2) Battle of the Wills Terrible Two’s Toddlers

Stage One: Toddlers are older infants. They have mastered a lot but they still need lots of perceptual experiences, lots of hugs and kisses, exploration of their world will include more outdoor fun, they are learning to value what you value especially other people, and they are doing more physically. But what has developed more is their Lower Nature, they have learned the word and meaning of NO. They are trying it out and can have tantrums. Tantrums tend to be from feelings of being overwhelmed but they can learn to use them to get their way if you give them that result. Instead you need to ignore the tantrum until it is over and some time has passed. Then you want to hold them more often and for longer periods. Your touch and affection will help their Upper Nature get control again and act more productively.



Stage Two: Toddlers can hoard toys, collect things, and be selfish with other toddlers. That is ok but you can encourage more Upper Nature behaviors by modeling them and giving hugs and kisses for following your example. They can learn good habits. But only at their pace. To push things too soon or too long will frustrate them and force them into their budding Lower Nature of anger.


 Stage Three: If they are able to talk in phrases, sentences, or multiple words you can get a better idea of how they think. They are making judgements of you and those that can talk can tell you what they think you are doing wrong. Some between one and two may have a running list of things you did that they did not like. So be fair and loving.

Stage Four: Their Myself is getting bigger along with the other widgets. Remember they are really just bigger Infants. Do not expect too much but don’t do to little. Show them things, share joy and emotions with them, explain things, help them do things. They are basically absorbing sounds, sights, tastes, smells, textures, words and emotions beyond their understanding that they will make sense of later. Its a memory task, they are building memory of these things. They will put it together better latter.