Chapter 1 Our Story Begins With Dragons and Dragon Fighters



Dameon, The Dragon of the Land

The land of Nowhere can be anywhere, everywhere, or no where. In the land of Nowhere lives a large Dragon, Dameon. Beware and be good as this Dragon is fierce, does not care who he hurts. He whirls flames very where, and his shadow casts darkness on the land. His roars send children every where to hide under their covers as he stalks the land in the rain throwing his thunderous voice everywhere.


Dameon Scares Children

In the morning Grandpa was telling the kids that daylight chases Dameon away so there is nothing to worry about so do as you please.


Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 10.18.51 AM

‘No,’ instructed Grandma, ‘even in good weather and daylight Dameon and smaller dragons pillaged  the city. They fly over groups of people that are being bad, we call them Group Dragons.

BJTAKENLarry’s Dad and Uncle has taken Larry’s little sister BJ from her mother and BJ is very unhappy. Larry’s Dad and Uncle have a group Dragon, you can not see them until you enter the world of magic.’


Our story has 8 little heroes. Skinny Ragde, Our brunet Charlotte, Destiny with black hair, and Larry tend to be mischievous, they teased skinny blond headed Edgar, black haired Molly, blond headed Sue, and George so they have a group Dragon. Ragde, Charlotte, Destiny and Larry began to tease the others saying, ‘You are sissy kids, mama children, you are not tough like us. We are as tough as my dad, he owns the factory and kicks your parents butts. You are afraid of Dragons, we are not.’

‘Group Dragons grow as pocket dragons grow,’ said Grandma, ‘and pocket dragons grow when you tease and act up.’

‘Pocket Dragons?’ they all inquired.

‘Yes,’ continued Grandma, ‘every person has an even smaller dragon, a pocket


Pocket Dragons and The Group Dragon

dragon of their own because everyone can act mischievous or do things that others do not like such as lie, be greedy, blame or hit another.’


As Pocket Dragons Grow so Do Group Dragons

When  people let their  pocket dragons grow the group dragons grow larger and fiercer, as group Dragons grow Dameon also grows and people in the city grow afraid.



‘But,’ Grandma admonished, ‘just as everyone has a pocket dragon, they have a pocket Warrior when we are trying to do right. Remember you can not see them until you enter the world of magic.’

‘But,’ continued Grandma , ‘just as there are group dragons there are group Warriors.  All the warriors grow when we try to do right as a group. They will control the group dragon and pocket dragons.’

Ragde, Charlotte, Destiny, and Larry said to the other kids, ‘No way will you pansies ever control us. We are tough and you guys are weak. Our pocket dragons will keep our group Dragon stronger then your Pocket Warriors or our Group Warrior.’

‘How do you know?’ inquired Edgar, Molly, Sue, and George, ‘you can not see them.’

Grandma hesitated and the spoke again, ‘Remember you can not see them until you enter the world of magic. To enter the world of magic you must have a goal, a dream to aspire to.’


As Pocket Warriors Grow So Do Group Warriors

Grandma continued, ‘Larry, Molly, Sue, and Edgar try and do good things for others. As their pocket Warriors grow, their group Warrior will also grow.  As the group Warriors through out the land grow so does Empatha, the ultimate Warrior of the land, to fight Dameon.’


Our Warrior Consciousness Fights Dameon

“When the Warriors in Nowhere are not able to keep the Dragons in check’, continued Grandma, ‘everyone becomes afraid and it is up to us all to make sure our Warriors grow. When you try to do right the world becomes magical and you can do great things, that is if you try to do right.’

‘No, Grandma,’ said Ragde, Charlotte, Sue, and Larry, ‘We are tough. No pansy Warriors will ever beat us. We have more fun then they ever will. We enjoy teasing the others.’


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