Chapter 2 The Good King and The Evil King

ADULTS only to read blue to selves. In our story there are two worlds, that of the kids and that of their dragon’s and warriors. We will call the stories Reality and Fantasy. Type in Blue is not part of the story but is an adult explanation.  In reality George’s father was elected as Governor so he could make laws of fairness, so no one would be a bully tyrant. Parents can explain the reality of the story if they please. In Fantasy:

Because the Warrior Empatha, flew over the land to keep Dameon in line, s/he was elected King (Queen?), a good king, to make sure people followed the rules. When the people followed the rules the pocket Dragons shrank and all the Warriors grew. Everyone was happy as there was peace in the land.


All the great Warriors fought back Dameon and the land prospered. Dameon was unhappy, he wanted more, he wanted to fight back so he took Larry’s Dad’s factory and made it his factory, and in this factory he made an evil spell to mesmerize the people of the land. He put the spell on everything he made and sold. The people that bought his wares began to get apathetic and sat around and quit helping the good King in keeping rules that kept the land safe and free. As all the dragons grew so did Dameon and he again began to intimidate the people of the land to take away their freedom. When the people were too afraid and their Warriors shrank Dameon  made himself a King also, the Evil King.



To reverse the spell the Good Warrior King, Empatha, declared that the royal prince, her son, and the princess, daughter of the Evil Dragon King, were to get married. This would break the spell.

Dameon wanted to stop the marriage so one dark night Dameon stole his daughter from the prince and locked the princess in the highest Tower of his hidden Castle. No one could find her to rescue her.

In reality the people were  addicted to gadgets or substances made by Larry’s Dad’s Factory and were mesmerized and idle and led to believe that their tom foolery was benign.  People neglected to keep the laws in their favor. Interest groups changed the laws to the advantage of the big business tycoons who put down family values. Family values were needed to turn people from addiction to take responsibility again. But Advertisers will dispel the concept of family values and push for only addiction. Next pic not part of story unless you want to explain story meanings with kids.0D03Governor



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