Chapter 3 The Call For Help

The Good King Empatha sent out a decree for help. ‘The good King wants heroes to help him find his son’s fiancee,’ blurted out the good king’s scribe to the public, ‘the daughter of the Evil King.’

The Evil King sent out a decree to warn people not to listen to the Good King and not to hunt for his daughter. ‘Anyone who helps the good King will be our enemy,’ yelled the scribe of the evil King.

Our eight little heroes looked at each other. The four little Warrior kids wanted to try and help the good King, but the other four children did not want to for fear of the Bad King becoming angry.

Larry, Charlotte, Destiny, and Ragde said ‘we do not want to help, we like dragons, what could we possible do?’

Kings Decree








Edgar, Molly, Sue, and George (the Warrior Kids) said, ‘It would be an adventure. We could see who can find the Princess, Warriors or Dragons. We could see who is stronger, Warriors or Dragons. Grandma said it depends on who tries the hardest.’

The others wanted to take on the challenge, ‘but,’ they said, ‘what can you do?’

The kids gathered together away from the crowd. Edgar and his pet Ant and Bee said, ‘We could help by scouting the area for bad Dragons’

Molly and her pets, Macho and Cuddles, said ‘We could calm the land with our caring.’

Sue and Geru, chimed in and said, ‘We could make a map.’

George with Rabbit and turtle, added, ‘We could rescue the Princess.’

They did not know how to do any of that. But together they chimed in ‘WE CAN TRY, OUR DREAM IS TO FIND THE PRINCESS.’

Just then a magical dream horse appeared. Their pets changed to magical  widgets forms and joined the horse. Macho the scary cat became a yellow skinny cat. Cuddles the loving dog had became a heart shaped puppy. Their group warrior Consciousness and group Dragon appeared with the widgets.


Larry, Destiny, Charlotte, and Ragde laughed at the others and yelled they would steal the horse and just do as they please as their widgets Coyote, Crow, Raccoon, and Spiedie would grow as the others widgets would shrink. What a horrible feeling for the other four kids, Edgar, Molly, Sue and George. They wanted to give up. They did not know how to find the princess as no one else did either. It would be so easy just to let the others steal the horse. With that thought their widgets shrank.


But George, Sue, Molly, and Edgar  knew they needed to do what was right and try to find the princess. They knew that to help others they had to be brave and declare what they feel is right. So they yelled back, ‘No, we rule, we do what’s right.’ Immediately their widgets grew and the others shrunk. MagicHorse2










Off they rode on their journey to find the princess. But what do you do to begin to find the Princess when no one else seems to know either. Perhaps the Horse will know what to do. Perhaps not. But they were determined to find out.


We have to decide to what is right and grin and bear the fear of being scrutinized by others.


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