Chapter 4 Land of Fairies and Pixies

Off though the air the horse rode with the Warrior and his widgets as the children rode their bikes below and Dragon and his widgets ran behind. ‘We are on our way to the land of the fairies and Pixies,’ announced the Magic Dream Horse.Off we go to TV Land








When they reached the land of the Fairies and Pixies they encountered a Pixie chasing a Fairy in a cloud of magic.


The Warrior asked the Fairy if they would help them find the Princess by looking around the land. The Fairy answered, ‘ I can’t,  the Pixie has just caught my heal.’

The Pixie yelled, ‘No way will I let him help you. The Evil King has too much power and I fear him. I will not let him help with your quest.’ FariesTalk













Ant and Bee stepped forward and addressed the Fairy and Pixie, ‘We have the torches of truth. Carry these lights and we can see truer, better. We will all look for foot prints or any change that might tell us where they went.’

Torch of Truth Warrior held Ant and Bee as they gave the fairy and pixie the torch of truth so they could look for clues to where the Princess had been taken.








Spiedie yelled and the Pixie again yelled, ‘No way, we will not help but only lie.’

Dragon chimed in, ‘Bravo Spiedie, that’s my little buddy.’

The Kids knew they had to make a decision. That group Dragon was too big and it was scaring the Pixies.

Dragon Large








Edgar, Molly, Sue, and George confronted the others saying, ‘Your pocket Dragons are too big. You have to decide to make them shrink by cooperating with us. Then the group Dragon will shrink and Spiedie too. And then the Pixies will not be so afraid.’

‘Why should we,’ the others totted back.

‘So we can have this adventure. Unless we go on the adventure we will never know if it was worth it and we will all be too afraid to do anything and we will all be bored. Warrior has to lead with Dream Horse or the Pixies will be too afraid and will not help us nor let the Fairies help us. Please, cooperate.’

Dragons Shrink  Larry and his three friends, like all kids, wanted an adventure too. They began to change their minds, an adventure would be fun. As soon as Ragde, Charlotte, Destiny, and Larry relented and agreed to cooperate a little more their pocket dragons shrank and so did the group Dragon.

Pixie shivered and confessed, ‘We will help but we are still afraid of the evil king.’

Horse with a pensive look replied, ‘Then we need to go to the land of the witches to get the shield of courage. Meanwhile, look for anything that has changed, what is the same as we go and what is different, and maybe we can see the path they took with the Princess, maybe she left signs for us to follow.’










The Fairies, with the Pixies behind, began their search close to the ground, among the darkness of piled leaves, to see if a clue was left by the Evil King when he hid his daughter.  Warrior and the horse headed for the Land of the Witches. Warrior and his Upper Nature Widgets had grow a little more. Off Again













The kids went to the TV media station to talk to Edgar’s father who tells the truth and Ragde’s father who does not. They were both afraid to tell the truth because Larry’s Dad, the factory owner and richest business tycoon, may get them fired. Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 9.39.40 AM


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