Chapter 5 Land of Whitches


Off they went to the land of Witches leaving the pixies and fairies to scour the land looking for clues and the kids on their bikes below. They seen the witches huts through a hole in the clouds. Down they went through the hole.

Land of Witches


There was smoke coming out of their roofs. The witches were making brews. The children on their bikes were not far behind.


0D20Land of Witchesclose


The kids were catching up to them as they came close to the door of the Evil Witch.


They all stood outside the hut. Not sure what was inside. The Widgets and Horse looked at Warrior and Dragon waiting for them to move. An ominous danger seemed to be in the air.


They all went inside and the Evil Witch snatched some of Larry’s hair and dropped it into her brew. A Ghostly apparition of his father arose from the brew. His hideous laugh scared them all. Macho and Rabbit grew along with Dragon and all his widgets.

The Ghost pointed at Larry and said,  ‘follow me or I will come after you and destroy you all.’ It then laughed hideously. ‘You, Larry, you were never any good, you will never be free of me,’ screeched the Ghost.

Larry ran outside and to the Good Witch’s hut yelling, ‘I need the shield of courage. Let’s ask the Good Witch.’



They all followed him over to the other hut as the hideous ghost laughed behind them.


The good witch took hair from each child and dropped it into the caldron. As it fell a ghostly apparition of Larry’s mom appeared. She said.’ Stick together as one, love each other as one, and keep close to the horse of dreams and you will prevail. Then I will give you the shield of courage and the sword of honor.’


The children and widgets had a wave of love come over them all, like a spell, and in the place of the  ghost the sword of honor and the shield of courage rose up from the caldron. The Warrior and his widgets grew as the Dragon and his widgets shrank.

The Warrior Mounted the magic horse of dreams with the shield of Courage and the sword of Honor.

The children beseeched, ‘Where shall we go. We are lost. We do not yet know where the princess is.’

The horse said, ‘We will go to the land of the Wizards and seek out their directions.’

Off we go to Wizard Land

So off they go to land of Wizards with Warrior riding the dream horse out of the clouds with the Shield of Courage and the Sword of Honor. Dragon and his widgets were behind in the clouds and the kids below on their bikes were under the clouds.



06Dive Screen Shot 2014-05-24 at 1.21.43 PM02counselingScreen Shot 2014-05-24 at 1.20.26 PM

In reality the kids went to Charlotte’s Mom’s dive to see it they could help with getting Larry’s Dad to stop selling so many gadgets. They were addicted and loyal to Larry’s dad. So they went to Molly’s mom, the counselor, and all she could tell them was to love each other for courage, that love helps us do what we are afraid to do otherwise. 




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