Chapter 6 Land of Wizards


Off we go to Wizard Land






They soon see the Huts of the Wizards.

They entered the land of Wizards. The Good wizard greeted them. He said the Fairies and Pixies had scoured the land and found the tower with the Princess in it over the Mountain on the other side. He jerked his magic wand and a map appeared. It showed a straight and narrow path up the Mountain.

‘But,’ warned the Good Widget, ‘the trail up the mountain is traitorous and hard to go up as the dream horse can not fly up nor climb but will have to he pushed and pulled up. But sense there are 8 kids, eleven widgets, a Warrior, a Dragon to help the Dream horse you should have no problem climbing up the Mountain.’

The Evil Wizard flicked his Magic Wand and pointed to the MAP below the mountain.

He said, their is a much easier trail, it may take longer but it is fun and easy.’

The map showed the trail to start on below the straight and narrow. It went into the dark woods in the opposite direction.

The Evil Wizard said, ‘On this trail you can all go by yourselves, you do not need the help of others to follow the path, you can all go at a different pace and take your time.’

‘How will we know where to go?’ asked Geru.

He flipped his magic wand and a CRYSTAL BALL appeared.

“This will show the way. Just look in it and it will show you what you want.’

The Good Wizard flicked his wand and a SACK appeared as he spoke and said, This (tax money) dust will keep the spell at obey. It will softened the spell for a while if it is sprinkled delicately on the town and they will be able to help you.’



Ant and Bee looked at the sack while Cuddles said, ‘Give the sack to Geru and Crow to spread over the land.’

But Spiedie seen the bag as Raccoon whispered, ‘It can all be ours and we will get rid of the spell on us and we can rule the town who is still under the spell. They will be our slaves.’

The good widget was about to say, ‘The dust only works when a little amount is sprinkled. If a lot is in anyone’s possession it makes the spell worse.’

But before he could say anything Crow whispered to Macho fear, ‘We need to steal the sack now or you may not ever get any of the Wizard dust.’

Macho fearful of loosing out on the dust pushed Cuddles away from the sac as Crow yelled, ‘We deserve it all.’

Spiedie covered the Warrior, and his Widgets with cob webs as Coyote ran over them and grabbed the sack before the good widgets could get it.

  Dragon grabbed the Crystal Ball and headed for the woods on the lower part of the map. His widgets, followed. The four bully children by instinct ran after them.

Dragon spit fire at George saying, ‘I will shrink you. We will get to the Princess before you and warn the Evil King that you are coming, and we will rule the city with the Evil King.’

Warrior lifted his shield of courage and Macho calmed down and no one shrunk. The Shield of Courage had protected them.

The four so called sissy kids and the warrior and the Upper Nature widgets would go up the Mountain by themselves. Wizard turned and told the Warrior to keep an eye out for Trolls as they got nearer to the Evil Kings Castle where the Princess is hidden away in a tower. And to remember there were good Elves that maybe able to help them in need.

Warrior, his widgets and the four kids on the horse of Dreams said good by to the Wizards and started up the Straight and Narrow path.



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