Chapter 7 Up the Mountain

Ant and Bee scouted ahead, Molly with Macho and Cuddles made sure the path was clear of all dangers, Geru flew above to see if their was an easier path and telling Sue if they needed to change their map. Edgar, Molly, Sue, George, Rabbit, and Turtle pulled and pushed The Dream Horse up the trail. The Warrior talked to them all so they each knew what the other was doing and would come to their aid if one needed more help.

The PATH was indeed hard as the Widgets and Warrior pushed The Horse of Dreams up the Mountain.


At about half the way up the Mountain they came upon a cliff. There did not seem to be anyway around it or up it. Trolls were coming up behind them. They were trapped. They found a cave to hide in hoping the Trolls would not notice them and turn around and leave. The trolls were huge.

Another Exit

They were not in the cave very long when they heard noises further in. Very quietly they explored and came upon a Dragon, a very huge Dragon. It was Dameon. He could smell their presence and began to roar.

“You are in my CAVE,” he bellowed. ‘The Trolls have found the entrance and are now behind you. You are Trapped. If you want passage to the other side you have to pay me in a sack of Wizard Dust.”

Warrior approached him boldly with the Shield of Courage and beseeched him saying, ‘Let me and my Dream Horse through so we can go back down the Mountain and obtain our Wizard Dust, as it has been taken by our friends. On my return you will let us through to climb up the rest of the Mountain.’

The Dragon agreed but added, ‘You must leave as hostage your Widgets and Children.” He would give him only the time it took for the HOUR GLASS to empty.He pointed to the exit for Mr. Do and the horse to take.

Warrior agreed and the Dragon let Warrior and Dream Horse through and retained the Widgets and Children. Warrior was in another trap, he had to obtain the Wizard Dust for the Dragon, the same dust he needed to sprinkle towns folks for help. He also knew the Dragon would not release his Widgets and Children. He now had to go down the Mountains and find and fight his own Group Dragon and return to fight Dameon in the cave and the Trolls.  He had no help to get his Dream Horse back up the Mountain.


Off they went down the Mountain, on a trail that did not pass the Trolls, passed the Wizard Huts, and down into the Easy Path. It was wide and appeared to be easy but there were huge holes, it was dark and eerie, and there were paths everywhere leading no where. It was a huge maze. But where were the others? Time was running out, the hour glass was letting sand fall.

DESPERATELY THEY SEARCHED They came upon some spider webs, the Warrior, also Consciousness said, ’Spiedie will be hiding under these.’

They began to clear out the webs and sure enough they found Spiedie and Ragde. Spiedie and Ragde were glad to see them as they had been in the web a long time alone not knowing where to go as they could not see clearly but all was distorted. They climbed up on to the Horse.


They all came to a hill and a path going into the valley.

Geru said, ‘Raccoon and Charlotte, his pet, want to keep all the Wizard Dust, so they will be weighted down, they will take the path going down.’ So down they rode. Sure enough they found Raccoon and Charllette. They too were happy to see someone, the sack of Wizard Dust was very heavy and they were tired of dragging it. They too got on the Horse.

They had the dust and could now go back. But they needed more help to again get the Dream Horse up the Mountain. The Warrior, Consciousness, said, ‘Quiet, I hear Crow in the distance.  So off they flew following the squadk of Crow.

‘Where is Destiny?’ inquired Warrior?

Crow said she is following the Crystal Ball to untold treasures, but every time she gets there someone ahead of her has taken the prize. You will find her below this tree crying as she threw the crystal ball and it broke into a million pieces.’

They all flew down and she too climbed on the Horse. The children were heavy and the Horse was beginning to pant. They had yet to find Larry, Coyote, and Dragon.

Warrior exclaimed, ‘Be very quiet and if you hear of a fight there will be Larry and Coyote and Dragon.’

They all got very quiet. A fellow was going by and they asked him if he had heard of any fights around. He directed them to the North but cautioned them that the fight was very fierce.


Off they flew to the North. Soon they seen a ruckus up ahead as a lot of dust was in the air. Sure enough it was Larry and Coyote fighting their own Group Dragon. (Fighting themselves?)As Coyote and Larry’s pocket Dragon had grown, so had the Group Dragon. The battle was out of hand, Dameon had grown huge and his flames from his mouth were red hot. Time was running out. Something had to be done. Warrior had to make a decision to act. He decided to use the Group Dragon to fly back to the cave. But he had to subdue the Dragon. (Moral of story, you have to use your Upper Nature to use your Lower Nature, or survival mode, correctly.)

Warrior told the kids to take out their pocket Warriors to fight the Pocket Dragons to distract them so he could fight the Group Dragon, that this had to be a coordinated fight. They all needed to fight together if they were to win. The pocket Warriors grew as the pocket Dragons began to shrink, and along with them the Group Dragon began to shrink and loose his fire.

Warrior said, ‘I have to outsmart the Group Dragon (with the UN). When I have the Dragon Down I want you all to jump on him, that includes Horse. I will yell NOW.’


As the pocket Warriors fought the pocket Dragons Spiedie covered the Dragon’s eyes with webs, Raccoon Distracted him with the Bag of Dust, and Crow entangled his legs with a vine making him stumble. Warrior took three big breaths of air and lunged at the Dragon putting his arms around his neck.

’NOW!’ he yelled. As the Dream Horse, widgets, kids, and picket Warriors jumped on Dragon, Warrior cut the vines with his sword of Honor and away they flew directing. The hour glass was about empty.


They flew back to the mountain to save the others. (Moral of story, we have to recognize we need help, repent of past behavior, have humility, fight our old urges, and be renewed)

They had to made it back before the Sand hour was up. A lot of Trolls had came and were watching the cave so no one would escape. Dameon still would not allow them to pass. He wanted their Widget Dust, all of it. That would mean the spell would go on forever and eventually everyone would be prisioners of Dameon and very very sad.



They had made it back before the Sand hour was up. But Dameon still would not allow them to pass, he would not even let them return down the Mountain. He wanted their Widget Dust, all of it. That would mean the spell would go on forever and eventually everyone would be prisioners of Dameon and very very sad.

A lot of Trolls had came and were watching the cave so no one could escape. The Group Warrior knew that Dameon was too big for eight children, their widgets, and himself. Even if their Group Dragon pitched in Dameon was too big and powerful for them all to escape.

They needed a plan.  They needed to sneak out to get Empatha’s help, and sprinkle the dust on the city to make an army big enough to continue up the Mountain to free the Princess to Wed the Prince and bring peace.


Group Warrior told the kids, widgets, and Dragon that ‘Unless we can get past Dameon we will all be trapped in the cave for ever. But if we all work together and make a plan and followed my directions, to coordinate us, we may be able to sneak by Dameon and the Trolls. This is plan.’

Warrior exclaimed in a very quiet but firm voice, ‘We will wait for Dragon to go to sleep. We will need to be very observant and careful, Warrior and his crew is good at that. Dameon and the Trolls will not respond to love, logic, or our fighting so sometimes we have to fool them so we are not the victim of their foolishness, so we need group Dragon and gang to help. So we must all work together, warriors and dragons, to sneak out without Dameon awakening and taking our sack and without the Tolls stopping us’

‘We need keen eyes and ears to find our way in the dark and not stumble,’ cautioned Warrior.

Bee, Ant and Edgar volunteered to lead the group.

‘We need someone in tune with danger, who can tell us what to look out for, and who knows when to love, so we do not get angry and do something to wake up Dameon or alert the Troll guards that we are leaving by acting threatening.’

Molly stepped forward and said, ‘I, Macho, and Cuddles can do that.’

We need a good planner, to help us do this right,’ added Warrior.

Sue declared, ‘Geru and I will asses the whole situation and help guide the others where to safely step.’

Warrior also stated, ‘We need to be patient but brave and keep up the pace. We need someone to set the pace so we do not run into each other.’

George said, ‘Rabbit will bounce where we need to go, and Turtle will keep him patient and slow him down when needed.’

We also need to disguise ourselves.

Spiedie and Ragde chimed in, ‘We can do that. We will weave a tube of webs around us.’

Charlette and Racoon stepped up, ‘We can appeal to the greed of the Trolls by putting some of the Dust near them so they turn their heads.’

‘Then we need to somehow get them to to think all is ok,’ said Warrior.

Destiny and Crow together spited out, ‘We are good at that. We will blame Dameon for falling asleep.’

Warrior continued, ‘Someone needs to steal the Bag of dust from Dameon to be able to do that.

Larry and Coyote volunteered, ‘We are good at that.’

Warrior continued, ‘Ant and Bee lead, follow the leader, the one in front of you, Group Dragon will fly over his crew and I over mine. I will help all of you and Group Dragon to not over or under do things. So keep an eye on me for any last minute changes.’

So they made their plans and when evening came and Dameon fell asleep. Spiedie spun a web and Ragde helped Spiedie cover Dameon’s eyes. Charlotte and Raccoon Sprinkled Some Dust in the far corner and the Trolls turned their heads toward it and relaxed. As the Kids, widgets, the Dream Horse and Warrior slid by them with the sack Crow told the Trolls that the one who did not move the longest gets the dust.

(Lying and manipulating is only allowed when survival of self and others is really in danger.)


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