Chapter 8 Empatha and the Escape



Back to Town for help

Free at last. They headed back to the town and to the King.                                                                                                                                                              










Everyone had seen them coming and gathered around the town. Group Warrior, Group Dragon, Dream Horse, kids, and widgets flew over Empatha, the people, the King, his soldiers and Elves next to the soldiers, and the Prince sprinkling them with Wizard Dust to awaken them enough to appeal to them, to form an army and go after the Princess.

0D45Back to Town for help








So the King, his Elves, the town folks, everyone’s pocket warriors and group warriors, Empatha, and some of the towns folks all flew or marched to the caves. Dameon the Dragon had shrunk and he and the Trolls had gone to the Castle, where the Princess was in the Tower, to help the Evil King fight the on coming army now lead by the Good King. (Jobs for the people take away apathy.)   Off they all flew to the top of the Mountain to save the Princess from the Tower and save the City by ending the spell the Evil King had put on the City.










A GREAT BATTLE began, everyone against the Trolls and bad dragons. It was a tie. No one was stronger then the other. With such a big battle and the Evil King so close, the children became afraid. This was the moment they all had worked toward, they did not want to botch it up. The Wizard Dust would work to soften people up to do what was right for only so long. If the battle went wrong the The Evil King would have them killed on the very spot. But they were not trapped, they could turn and leave the battle to the rest. The battle may go on until all were dead but they, the kids, would be safe. The Sissy Kids’ Geru widget said, ‘Listen to Cuddles, love, and not Macho’s fear.’

They stopped and thought and felt the love and muttered, ‘We must do what is right. We must try.’

The Bully kids listened to their Crow. Crow said ‘Listen to the other kids.’ Seeing their courage and not wanting to abandon them or to run scared  muttered to themselves, ‘We must try and kick butt.’ All eight kids looked at each other and smiled, ‘We have cooperated before. Lets do this.’

They knew they had to be smart about getting past the trolls and find the tower. They all needed to work together. Edgar said,  ‘We can not be seen.’

Ragde said, ‘Dress up like trolls.’

They all got behind the Shield of Courage and muttered ‘We must do what is right.’

They walked past the troll guards nodding as if they were friends.

Sue said, ‘Look, Dream Horse and the widgets are searching for the Tower with the Princess in it.’

Sue exclaimed,  ‘Look over there, Geru has found the Tower and is pointing at it.’

George with excitement spurted out, ‘We know where to go.’

The kids, with their shield of Courage and Sword of Honor weaved their way through the Trolls into the gates of the Castle, and through the Trolls in the Castle Court yard to the back Tower.

InTower They went into the tower and climbed to the top to the door where the princess was. It had a large lock on it. There were two guards one on each side of the door.

Larry wanted to fight them but George said. ‘Be patient that they are too strong.’

Sue said, ‘We need to out smart them.’

Destiny said, ‘We are dressed as Trolls, let’s tell them we are the new guards.’

Meanwhile Edgar and Ragde sprinkled Wizard Dust on the guard so they would relax. Edgar and Ragde then went up to them and in deep rough voices spit out,’ We are here to take your place so you can leave.’

The Two Troll turned and walked away.

Molly and Charlotte exclaimed in delight, ‘Now we can free the Princess, the lock is ours to open.’

But how? They did not have a key. They each shed their Troll clothes and tried to break the lock with the Sword of Honor. But to no avail. The Sword just bounced off.

An Elf was near by and said, ‘The Sword of Honor can break the lock but must be held by some one who can clearly see, like the Fairies, and see what others have hidden, like the Pixies.  By someone who has great love, like the good witch, yet understand those without love, such as the bad witch. By someone who knows right from wrong, as the Good Wizard, yet can understand those who do not.  And by someone who patiently does what is right and is not aggressive yet can deal with those who are aggressive. You each have one of those talents, cooperation makes you all stronger and able to accomplish the task, if all eight of you strike the lock together with the sword it will break.’

 PrinsesFreeThen they all looked at each other and smiled,  they all took ahold of the sword and together struck the lock. It broke and they opened the tower door. The Princess and Prince, who had just arrived, were reunited. The battle was still going on as they stole away into the night to get married and end the spell which would also end the great battle. Peace was restored to the land.


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