Chapter 9 Magic is Gone, Now What

The Son of the King seen his princess and took her by the hand. The sight so inspired the city that more and more townsfolk’s joined the good kings army. Their pocket warriors had grown, their Group Warriors were growing as Dameon and the pocket and Group Dragons had shrunk or were shrinking. The immense army of the Good King was so overwhelming and brave with renewed strength that the Evil Kings army had to surrender.  They all flew back to the city as they celebrated the wedding. And a grand wedding it was. The wedding reception was a fourth of July celebration with fireworks filling the sky. Peace had returned to the land once more.      







They knew with the marriage of the Prince and Princess the cities curse was over, so would their magic be over. The Faries and Pizies, Witches Huts and Wizards Shacks, and Elves and Trolls were faded and gone. Soon the spell would be totally broken. The Dream Horse and widgets were fading and their real pets were fading back into real life.  Life would return to the usual day to day operation, how boring. They did not want to return. Edgar, Molly, Sue, and George would again be doing their homework and helping their parents keep up the house.

Ragde, Charlotte, Destiny, and Larry began to feel life will be boring again. Without an adventure what would they do but to create problems to be solved. They would again make life miserable for Edgar, Molly, Sue, and George. 0D53BJ Back The Dragon kids began to get rough and rowdy, and cut up, and tease the other four. ‘Mama Kids, sissy kids vs Daddy’s tough kids to the end.’

The Sissy, Momma kids laughed and said, ‘Your Pocket Dragons and the Group Dragon are growing and you will get lost on the Easy Path of Life like you did before. Don’t forget so easily your Dragons without our help hurt everyone. Warriors in the end win.’

But,” they retorted back, ‘the Dragon’s saved the Warriors who flew them to the cave and the city. Dragons could hold more weight then the horse. And a Dragon has to be stronger then the Warrior to do that.’

‘Yes,’ they answered, ‘The Dragon has to be strong enough to help the Warriors, but not so strong as not to be guided by the Warrior. On his own the Group Dragon was as lost as the rest of you. And without the clear wits of the Warrior you were not able to control the Group Dragon.’

‘Ok, that is true,’ they said thinking deeply, ‘what if, what if we made an agreement. We will help you if you help us.’

‘Good idea,’ said Grandma, ‘you could have lots of adventures. Together Warriors and Dragons can both have fun. Dad’s protect the Moms and the Moms protect the kids, so you can help each other. And look, look who has been returned.’


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